istanbul-coskun-kolejiistanbul-iokul-sld-2-41 istanbul-iokul-sld-3-42 yeni-gir-proje-84As a unique synthesis between the east and west, Istanbul is home to all of the colours of a world that no longer exists within borders. That’s why we, Istanbul Coskun international school, would like to carry out this project.
The town of Maltepe, where the Coordinator from Turkey is from, has a population of more than 500 thousand and is one of the biggest towns in city of Istanbul. We have 400 students; they are 6 to 15 years old. In our school we have special classes for gifted pupils (150) and they are coming from all different social, economic backgrounds. Many pupils want to meet pupils from other areas of Europe. Their curiosity is an important impulse for pupils. Our main goal is to provide students with extensive knowledge of foreign languages and different cultures and to provide them a solid education which will provide a sound basis for their education. Our students do choose a second foreign language, either English, Spanish or German which is studied as well as learning grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Our students study history and geography in their native language. Students also have the opportunity to join the school’s singing group, folk dance festival of Turkey, national and international art contests, exhibitions of decorative art, sports teams, drama club or student government.
This Project will increase the potential for communication with pupils throughout Europe. We will have a new chance to improve the international dimension in our educational practice. And we also think the international dimension of learning will develop their consciousness and improve their knowledge of pupils from our school, preparing them for this new large community, Europe.
We also want our children not to prejudge but learn how to accept people for what they are, each with his or her own peculiarities and in this way try to develop tolerance and we believe that this project will promote a new understanding and real tolerance between pupils of all schools involved in it, as future citizens of Europe.
By carrying out this project, we would like to make valuable and worthwhile contributions to eliminate prejudices between people in Europe who are today, suppressed.


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