Fényeslitke Község címereOur settlement, Fényeslitke is located in the north-east of Hungary, about 300 km from Budapest. It is also very near to the Ukraine, the Schengen-border of Europe- and Slowakia.


It is a village in the Hungarian Great Plain, the greatest natural treasure of which is the Tisza River winding just outside it. The number of inhabitants is 2400 – with a slowly shrinking tendency. The symbol of the village could be an apple as it is more delicious here than anywhere else in the world.

Our school is the only school in the village, which has a consolidated school in the neighbouring village Komoró. The institution in Fényeslitke has 170, the one in Komoró 100 students. Both schools are primary schools teaching children of 6-14 in 8 school years.


Altogether 27 teachers look after the improvement of the children. We would like to educate children who have attachement to their home village as well as to our country, Hungary and who are also able to orient themselves well in the world as they become interested, open-minded co-operative with their schoolmates and able to value themselves and accept others.

The school’s main goal is to prepare the children to be active members of society in the later future who carry out valuable work of high-standard.

We put special effort into improving children’s competences such as reading, writing, counting and communication. Our school has to face the fact that the children are heterogen so improving them according to their abilities is inevitable. Mathematics, Hungarian grammar and literature, the foreign language, science subjects and information technology are furthermore of high priority.

Identifying and improving talented children has a great role in the school, too. They are raised in surroundings where no outstanding abilities remain undiscovered.

The school has a wide range of out-of-school activities to offer to the children. Besides circles on various school subjects, catch up lessons, sports trainings, musical instruments lessons, DIY workshops, colourful programmes, quizzes, school campings make children’s lives richer in experiences. All these contribute to the strengthening of communities. The most outstanding and popular programmes are the „Fényes Diáknapok” (Fényes Students’ Days) and the Christmas festival. We often perform plays in which teachers play roles, too.

We have to owe the wealth and equipment of the school to the numerous successful tenders and applications. The innovative and child-centered staff and board do their best to form esthetic school environment, to enrich the school equipment and to be able to offer multicolour programmes.

It may be of interest that in the Eurovision song contest our country was represented by a young man from Fényeslitke called ByeAlex, an ex-student of our school. We are also proud of the recognised actor of a great Hungarian theatre in our capital city Budapest, Sándor Nagy. Furthermore, we have a world champion silver medalist and European bronze medalist handball player, Ivett Nagy, who used to be a student of our school, too.

We have always aimed at establishing rich partnership. The majority of the adult residents in the area do not speak any foreign languages. Our children are taught and raised to be able to develop European dimension in themselves, the interest in other countries’ cultures  and the open-mindedness to receiving this knowledge – all these besides keeping their national self-awareness. In order to achieve this, they are continuously supported in their foreign language studies.

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