Polish memories


Hi, I’m Martyna and I was in Wales a year ago. The best thing was visiting Manchaster United Stadium, I also liked the rugby lesson. I’ll always remember the people who I met there. The atmosphere was awesome and I could improve my English skills. I would love to come back there one day!



Hello! My name is Ada and I was in Wales in 2014. The best thing for me was Old Trafford- Manchaster United Stadium because I love football! I’ll always remeber The Beattels Museum in Liverpool and our first bus trip to school. The most funny was that we had to wait for our bus 2 hours! It was crazy! I think this trip was my first BIG TRIP and I’m so happy that I could be in Wales and meet a lot of people!



Hi, my name is Alicja and I was in Wales last April. The best thing about Comenius is that you can meet a new people from other countries. It’s also a good chance to improve your English. I liked the fact that we were living in host house. Because of her we were speaking English very often and it helped us with our shyness about using that language. I’ll always remember the situation when we had to solve all our problems on our own. Of course we could call our host or teacher to take any advice but we could do everything by ourselves. The best thing we could see was Old Trafford in my opinion. As a football fan that was unforgettable. We even got photos in shirts of Manchester United players. We also visited a very beautiful Welsh castle and the smallest house in Great Britain. I wish that I could visit more countries and experience a lot of things.



Hi, my name is Sylvia. Last April I was in Wales. There is no doubt, it was the best journey in my life. At least as for now. People who I met were absolutely amazing. Another superb thing was fabulous landscape of Wales. If I have a chance, I will go there again.