Students´reflections on the trip to Wales

What a week it was! Full of new experiences and interesting meetings with people of different origin it was a week of personal growth for me. I’m not going too far and saying it was a life-changing experience, but I wish to say it somehow affected me. It opened my mind I guess…. Not only was it the activities and fieldtrips that made memories, but also me interacting with other people. Traveling and living in groups I know isn’t the most suitable option for me, but still I found it interesting to see how it worked out…. Talking english and english people understanding you is a big conformation in it self, and I’ve found what a huge advantage knowing english is, it enables communication with such a larger amount of people. I definately know now I want to travel and explore more of Europe and the world.

Class NA_12


The six days we spent in Wales were definitely one of the funniest days in my life. The chosen group was amazing and everyone really got along…. The activities we did were really fun and exciting. I absolutely loved visiting Manchester and Old Trafford, as well as Liverpool and Albert Docks. These were actually two of my favourite activities…. Visiting the school was interesting because you realized how different it can be in other countries. Compared to us, they have to pay for their lunch or bring their own food from home. They also wear school uniforms, which we do not do in Sweden… However, the whole point with this trip was to meet people from different cultures and this was definitely one of the most exciting experiences during the whole time in Wales. Meeting new people is fun, however, meeting new people from other countries is even more fun. I made some new friends which I am really glad for and I will definitely do this again if I get the opportunity.

Class Sa_13

The trip to Wales was full of experiences and we had a lot of fun. We got to meet people from different countries that we got to know during the week. So we made some new friends and it was really fun to see how we were different in some ways but then very alike in others. After all we are all teenagers.

Class Na_13


Thank you all for a wonderful week!!!

The Comenius team from Sweden, Karlskrona