Polish memories


Hi, I’m Michalina and I was in Spain in February 2014. The best thing was that i met a lot of fantastic people who changed my life. The whole trip was awesome. I liked the trip to Roque Nublo the most. I also enjoyed watersports. And I really liked the food and shopping I will never forget that time… I wish I’d come to Spain again because it was really really amazing!


Slovenian Team in Spain

Our first project meeting took place in Spain.




We enjoyed ourselves in Gran Canaria. Have a look at a video made by Slovenian student Job.


Tinkara and Nur Živa presented our country and its main tourist attractions. Everybody was impressed by the shape of our country.

They also presented our beautiful home village Horjul.

And here is a presentation made by our students Tinkara and Nur Živa.

An article about a great experience from the project meeting in Spain was published in the local newspaper.

You can see more photos in our school galery.

Many thanks again to Angie and Miguel for all they did for us!!!

Comenius – Meeting: Gran Canary

Together, 12 nations, at the same place, same time – this is COMENIUS.
It involves making experiences you have never had before.

The goal this time was to make a short movie about our Easter traditions. In addition each country was to create two pages that presented a typical month in our own nation.
We were the first group to arrive in Gran Canary.
Our host families picked us up at the airport and showed us to our new homes, where we would stay for the next week.
During the weekend our families took us on nice day trips. Thanks to their engagement, we had the chance to see places we might never have seen without their support; not all day trips were planned in the program.
On Monday, we were introduced to the other ten nations. On this day we had short conversations with everyone just to get to know each other. In the afternoon, after the presentations we knew a little bit more about the different countries.
The next few days we made trips to the beach in the south of the island called Puerto Rico and also we went to the mountains. In addition to camel riding in a caravan we did an off-road tour in a jeep.
In the morning on Thursday, our last day, we had a pool of different workshops and everybody could choose three of them. There was a huge diversity of opportunities for example, learning African dances or a drum workshop, trying out typical Spanish cooking or creating special forms with the Pysslas method. Later that day we played a typical Canarian game, it’s called Gymkhana. The most distinctive thing about this game is that there are many different stations where small groups have to manage special challenges.
For example, one challenge was to make a line with tables. Every group member was standing on a table. The first step was to move the last table to the front of the line without touching the floor. The team that accomplished the highest number of tables won the challenge. In total there were 13 activities to do. Following these sciences we said goodbye to some people , because we were one of the first groups that had to go home.
When we weren’t included in the general program we met Spanish people and we became part of their activities and their life. Sometimes some of the other nations joined us. One afternoon we organized a trip for ourselves with people from other nations. We also had more free time then we thought so we were able to decide what we wanted to do in the evenings.
Through our common activities we also learned how important and essential body language
can be. Furthermore, we learned how enriching the experience of diverse mentalities can be and how much you can learn in such a short period of time.

During the week on Gran Canary we learned quite a lot about our own life, concerning autonomy and self-reliance. We had some basic experience of learning what we are missing in our everyday school-life. All in all, one can say that COMENIUS brings diverse nations together. We also hope that future students have the chance to have this kind of experience.

Carlotta Emde und Katrin Siebels  (Germany)